quarta-feira, junho 20, 2007


Lembram - se da Alina a fã Russa do Sporting que fez 3ooo Km para estar com o Miguel Garcia ?
Pois teve a gentileza de nos dar a sua opinião sobre o novo reforço Izmailov. Na sua opinião:
"Marat Ismailov was one of the Russians Lokomotiv's favourites, but not mine=)
I consider him average player, but sometimes he surprises his fans:
once in a month Lokomotiv's fans can see him playing brilliantly))) but once in a month, not more frequently...
Good dribbling, good football thought... but only good! Not wonderful (Nani, Moutinho))))
Sporting has terrible transfer politics... poor Custodio.
I hope in Sporting Ismailov will do his best.
And MG - in Reggina)))"
From: Алина Брынько (aika_narazaki@mail.ru)
Thank you Alina

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